Saturday, 1 September 2012

Buy Kindle in Canada

As we all know, the Kindle e-book readers – as popular as they are – have not been readily available to Canadians. It took almost half a year since their original release dates in the United States before they have been open for orders and shipment to the Canadian territories. A lot of people have waited for this for a long time. With the high anticipation, some cannot help but wonder why this is so. What is so special about the Kindle that so many craze about it?

One of the reasons why a lot buy Kindle in Canada lies with the different features and specs that separate the device from other e-book readers in the competing market. The brand makes use of the trademark e-Ink technology and the Pearl screen quality. Together, these provide the users with a one-of-a-kind reading and browsing experience. Users get nothing less than crisp, sharp, and high-definition quality of text, image, and graphics.

Having the ability to buy Kindle in Canada is sensationalized as well because of the long wait that the people had to endure. When the wait has finally ended, users have started enjoying the ability to carry around thousands (up to 3,500 with the Kindle 3) of book titles under their sleeve wherever they go and read these whenever they wish. Of course, there are many other fun and enjoyable features available to Kindle users aside from e-book reading. Playing audio books, music files, and videos, browsing the internet through 3G or Wi-Fi connections, as well as using various applications (apps) are some of the other functions that can be enjoyed by those who buy Kindle in Canada.

Another unique – and unexpected – feat of the Kindle series is that it does not make use of a backlight, unlike most devices – e-book readers, mobile phones, tablets, and smart phones alike – do. This may seem like a let-down, but really, it is not. Why so? An alarmingly high number of people have started to lose hours of precious sleep on work or school nights because of the easy availability and accessibility of such devices. Without a backlight, users will not be able to read and appreciate the content of the Kindle reader. This will contribute to resolving – if not totally eradicate – the issues that certain people may have about sleeping early due to getting caught up with different gadgets available to them during the night time.

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