Friday, 31 August 2012

Kindle Fire in Canada

Kindle Fire is one of the most coveted Kindle models all over the world, especially in Canada. As with most of the previous Kindle models, Kindle Fire in Canada is not happening as soon as people would want. Because of this, many people have tried to look for – and succeeded, too – other ways of getting their hands on this device outside of Amazon.

Other Ways of Getting the Kindle Fire

So just how does one get a Kindle Fire in Canada? Practically, the easiest way to do this is by contacting anybody who is living in the United States where it is originally available, having them buy it for you, and then asking them to ship it over to your Canadian address (or maybe you can go over there and pick it up yourself).

However, not every Canadian has a friend or family in the US. There are other options for these people. One of these is to order the item straight off the Amazon international store. You can choose to have the item shipped to the UPS store (still in the US) that is nearest to your address. This can be a drive from your home to the store, but you have to cross the border.

Another method is to transact with third party companies (e.g. Borderlinx, Vpost, or Comgateway) that can purchase the item on your behalf. One more option is for you to order the item yourself to their address.

Will the Kindle Fire Work in Canada?

Okay, so now you have the highly anticipated Kindle Fire in Canada. Without a doubt, you would want to get your hands on it and try what it can do. While most of the features and functions of the Kindle Fire will indeed work in Canada, some special offers would remain exclusive to US users. An example of this was the recent Amazon Prime. Applications (apps) will also not be available for download from the Amazon marketplace for Canadian users.

Although these may seem like a huge let-down, there are still many things that you can do with the Kindle Fire in Canada. For one, internet connectivity through Wi-Fi networks can be enjoyed. You can also browse through the selection of book titles available on the Kindle Store for purchase and download. You can listen to music and watch video. With the “Splashtop” app feature, users can now stream movies, TV shows and music through the Kindle Fire (accessing any computer via wireless internet connection).

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