Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Kindle Reader

The Kindle Reader is a line of e-book readers released by Amazon last 2007. Users are able to browse through the Kindle store for thousands of book titles available for download. Aside from books, the Kindle Reader also allows reading of newspapers, blogs, magazines, and other forms of digital media, usually through wireless connectivity. At first, there was only one type of Kindle Reader. Today, there are different of models available to users in the United States and other countries. Each model caters to the needs and preferences of the users. As time passes by, the technology employed by these devices continue to grow and improve from their predecessors.
The Kindle Reader series got its name from an Amazon branding consultant. It was Michael Cronan’s idea to name the product “kindle” – in definition, to light a fire. The name quick caught up with users as a metaphor for learning and intellectual stimulation. 

The very first reader in the series was launched in 2007, followed by the Kindle DX in 2009. In 2011, the Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch were introduced to the market. The latest addition to the family is the Kindle Fire.

All content can be wirelessly downloaded in select territories using the 3G network of Amazon or Wi-Fi connection. Most content can also be purchased online. “Whispernet” is the Amazon 3G network coverage, available with no extra fees or subscription within the home country of the user.

The sales of the Kindle Reader series have been very successful since their first release. As a matter of fact, the last quarter of the year 2010 marked the first time for e-book sales to beat the sales of paperbacks in record history. This says a lot – especially for the reading community. What was previously a hostile environment for e-book readers has now become a welcoming and warm audience. People – and manufacturers – have learned to grasp the importance and advantages of leaping forward with better technology. With this product, people are able to more conveniently access and store thousands of book titles with a tap on the screen or a click of a button. The relative size of the Kindle models make them easy to carry around as these can fit in easily with most purses and bags, and even large pockets. Now, reading your favorite classic, best-seller, or underdog novel can be enjoyed whenever and wherever – minus the bulk of having to carry around paperbacks all the time.

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