Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kindle Fire Review

In order to help other in making up their mind before they make a decision about a purchase, here is a Kindle Fire review that lists down the important pointers about the device. This Kindle Fire review will list down a few of both the best features and the downsides of the device. While there is no perfect e-reader or tablet in the market, knowing the strong and weak points of the Kindle Fire and comparing these with your personal preferences will give a clearer image.

Kindle Fire Review: Pros

The good thing about this product, though, is that once you put it in your hands, you instantly get a solid feel. The device has significant heft and a well-made grip that gives a substantial feel just enough for the user. Despite this, the device is not too heavy to cause any discomfort or strain in the part of the user. In fact, in comparison to the other e-reader brands and tablets out in the market today, the Kindle Fire probably bags the top spot in terms of handling and ideal weight.

The aesthetic and general feel of the Kindle Fire are some of its best points. If you would compare this device’s size and weight with other tablets, say the iPad2, the Fire will feel a whole lot lighter and easier to maneuver. This will probably be one of the most important considering factors for a lot of consumers.

Kindle Fire Review: Cons

The Kindle Fire is a 7-inched screen with a soft-touch plastic casing at the back and sides. It weighs 0.9 lbs. The Kindle Fire features a 1024 x 600 screen display. To those wondering, the Amazon Kindle Fire has indeed taken the PlayBook’s design as a reference for its basic design. This may be a downside since it is not Amazon’s most original idea, design-wise.

The volume control may be another downside for the Kindle Fire. Unlike its competitors, it does not have any physical volume buttons – which means that the user has to go through the settings, requiring more than a single series of taps, to adjust the volume. Also, there is no physical “Home” button. Instead, the Kindle Fire has a small nub along its bottom part. This may be quite difficult to locate, especially at first, since the button is primarily used in powering the device up or down and for sleeping or waking the Kindle Fire.

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